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Nixie And The Dawn Of The New World Order
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ISBN-10: 1-77115-343-1
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy/SF
eBook Length: 160 Pages
Published: November 2016

From inside the flap

A year after the world was destroyed, heroes must rise to restore it.

Nixie and the Praetorian Force have been in the grinder. From rebuilding the world, protecting the innocent and facing new dangers, the rise of a hero wasn't anything she expected.

In fact, it's a lot of work. Between maintaining order around the world alongside the other Praetorians and keeping her heroic image to the public, the UN now moves on controlling all heroic activities, forcing the Praetorians into an uneasy alliance for the sake of peace.

On top of that, sources claim old veteran Celestial, a legend in the Praetorian Force - might be out to continue Shadow's legacy by purging the world while arming the raider warlord, Toxic, a deranged terrorist who continuously unleashes hell upon the post apocalyptic lands with his raider armies.

But that's just the start - because when Nixie and the Praetorians track down an unknown source of energy, an unstoppable force from another dimension emerges. Its purpose? Unknown. Its mission? Exterminate.

Nixie And The Dawn Of The New World Order (Excerpt)

Intro: Nixie Speaks

A year ago, the world was destroyed. We were plunged into a shadow of darkness by men who saw humanity unfit. They lost hope, so they plotted to wipe our world clean to bring about their vision of a new world order. They would've succeeded if not for us, The Praetorians - Heroes of The New World. We stepped in and stopped them.

However, all was not won.

They unleashed cataclysmic weapons of mass destruction that tore our world to shreds. Billions were killed in a matter of hours with millions injured, unaccounted for, and lost. Countries were brought to their knees, several nations ceased to exist and militaries joined forces to fight the unstoppable threat. In the end, we succeeded in stopping them but we were forced to carry on their legacy. For better or for worse.

This is our Legacy of Shadow.

Last year I made a decision that changed my life forever. I stopped running. It was time for me to do my part in the world - to step up to the plate and embrace my role as a heroine among heroes. I never imagined the consequences that would come with it. After we arrested Shadow, instead of slipping back into the dark, I aimed to help rebuild. My first, formal act of heroic publicity came when I used my projection abilities to rebuild the ruins of Frankfurt. There were people that saw me do it. They watched me reconstruct the fallen skyscrapers to its former glory by using the power of my mind. Their woeful tears went to smiles and awe. They felt relieved that all was not lost and somehow, hope remained.

Little did I know, I signed myself and the rest of the Praetorian Force to public service. Not only we were hawked by the remaining governments and clandestine agencies, we were a tool of the media. And above all, we were a symbol of hope for the people. The world more than ever in the history of mankind needed heroes and we were there. The idea sounded warm to me - especially since Jai was unable to make the administrative decision. After all, he was still in a coma. I thought it would've been best to push the Praetorian Force in that direction. I believed it would've been what he wanted.

At first, things were working out. We aided governments across the world in restoring order, rebuilding fallen cities and keeping the peace. Many were inspired by us. Some even aspired to become heroes themselves. That's when it all went to hell. While some loved us, others hated us. They saw us as an unchecked force to be feared. A power with no boundaries, no allegiance to any banner - and that became too much of a threat. Combine that with the rising average 'street hero' who challenged us by asking, 'what gives you the right, and us, not?' And soon, we were no longer Praetorians. We were what they wanted us to be.

Some months later, the UN gets together to pass an international law that regulates all heroic activity. Only heroes approved by the UN were allowed to operate on official affairs. Vigilantism became strictly forbidden, and any street hero attempting to do it was immediately arrested. This is what caused the backlash. The rise of Toxic and his band of raiders was fueled by hero-rejects and conspirators who, along with the media, found the perfect means to begin their left versus right dogma once again.

All of us were superstars but more than anyone else, I became the poster girl for the new world's society. Everywhere you went, there was a commercial or poster about me, inspiring the people to rebuild and have hope. Young girls and boys looked up to me as the true hero, and as much as the situation caused me great disdain, I had to hold it all together for the greater good.