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The Singer
Book 3: Song Of Life
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ISBN-10: 1-77115-147-1
Genre: Fantasy/SF/Fiction/Adventure
eBook Length: 229 Pages
Published: December 2013

From inside the flap

Here at last is the heart-pounding story that concludes the trilogy THE SONG OF LIFE.

Bluesky and his feathered friends search out the poison that is slowly killing animals and humans alike. They discover that the poison is guarded by one of their most-feared enemies, but with the help of their cat-friend KC, the birds boldly conceive a plan to get rid of it once and for all.

Still, their plan is not without danger. "Good birds are going to die," Nightwind warns. When Bluesky volunteers for the most dangerous part of the mission, he secretly determines in his heart that he will give his life if that is the price that must be paid.

Bluesky leads his friends into the final and decisive confrontation, and in the height of the battle he is forced to fight with the monster bulldog named Jack the Ripper in order to save the life of his best friend.

But how can a one-legged mockingbird stop a killer dog all by himself?

The Singer (Excerpt)


"A great danger has come on the wind."

The largest and most distinguished-looking Barn Owl paused a moment to allow his words to sink in. Silence filled the air while he looked slowly around the gathering of birds. The silence grew more intense as every bird fixed their gaze on the Speaker.

"Many birds have reported death and sickness recently. Even animals and people are affected. This unseen danger threatens us all!"

"This poison is from man!" a single bird shouted from the crowd.

"Yes," another shouted. "It is man that kills us!"

"What can birds do?" a Robin shouted back from the ground.

"That's right -- what can we do?"

"We can find its source. Once we locate it, perhaps we can determine the next step," the Barn Owl said with confidence.

"Man must fix this problem!" the same Robin shouted again.

"Perhaps we can get some animals to assist us. After all, it is killing them too. Once we locate the source, we can analyze the situation and determine our options." The Barn Owl raised his white face and looked around at the gathering.

"Man must fix this problem that they created!" a Wren twittered angrily.

"Then we must help man to fix it. Somehow, we must try," the wise Owl replied.

Bluesky listened in respectful silence. As he pondered the Barn Owl's words along with the cries of those gathered in audience, he thought of KC. He remembered how KC had told him her dad's daughter had gotten sick with the poison the last time they'd experienced Death on the wind.

He remembered how KC had said that 'Dad would know what to do', would know how to protect them -- and he was a man!

Bluesky wondered how KC communicated with her dad and the other humans in the house. KC was his friend, and if somehow he and the cat could get the man to help them ...

"Who shall go for us? I propose we pick a special flock to seek out the source of this poison, birds of many feathers who shall combine their unique skills and go forth to save us. But first, there must be a leader, a bird of great insight and courage who will lead this flock on this most dangerous mission." The Barn Owl narrowed his eyes and gazed at the crowds with a stern expression.

"Who shall lead this special mixed flock of birds and find the source of this poison?" The Barn Owl and every Owl on the limb looked slowly around at the great gathering, but as their eyes passed over the thousands of birds gathered, not a single bird raised a wing to volunteer.

The thick silence of the thousands gathered filled the air with a heaviness, a palpable tension, as if a terrible storm were about to burst forth. The eternal seconds dragged on, and the very air seemed to vibrate with uneasiness and indecision. In the minds of all present, it seemed the problem had grown insurmountable -- impossible. The fear of everyone present seemed to come alive with a sudden blast of wind. While the trees swayed and the leaves danced, many birds cried out as if the terrible and unseen poison were attacking them that very moment.

The same thought occurred to everyone at once -- was death on this wind too?

Now their fear turned to an urgent need to flee!

The sound of hundreds of birds fluttering their wings as they prepared to flee added to climax of fear.

"I will go!"

Everyone froze. The bold words of the volunteer had somehow evaporated the climate of fear in a single instant.

Surprised murmurs filled the air, and everyone looked around for the brave bird who had spoken.

"Who said that?" the Barn Owl cried out as the strong breeze continued to ruffle the feathers across his head.

Nightwind turned and looked directly at Bluesky perched with the Mourning Doves on the other side of the ancient oak. The other Owls followed his gaze.

"Here I am! Send me! I'll go for all the birds!" Bluesky cried out courageously.

"Fly over here, my good Mockingbird," the Barn Owl said in a calm and deep voice.

Bluesky flew over and sat next to the large Owl.

"What is your name?"


"My name is Moonlight," the Barn Owl replied. "You are a brave bird to answer our dire call for help."

"I-I will do what I can," Bluesky said with a bow.