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Crystal and the Stars
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ISBN-10: 1-55404-087-6
Genre: Fantasy/SF
eBook Length: 240 Pages
Published: October 2003

Total Readers: 1

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[The Dark Staff Series - Book III]
Reluctantly leaving behind Brendan's world and their friends, Abby and Tristan follow a path into a darkness lit by diamonds, and find themselves in a place where magic is rarely known, and where evil doesn't always need the impetus of the Kiya to grow strong. But magic draws magic, even here -- and they are dropped into the care of a startled ship's captain -- who also happens to be a very powerful mage.

In order to track down and trap the Kiya, they join forces with an unusual array of allies, including the captain-mage, a smuggler who once held the Kiya -- and threw her away -- and a prince of questionable character.

Meanwhile, Tabor plays at a dangerous game with his demon father and the less than human High Priest, Braith. In an attempt to gain power of his own and free himself from his father's sadistic control, he secretly employs magics that help him stay a step ahead of the others in an attempt to gain the Kiya before Abby and Tristan collect yet another part of the prize.

Crystal and the Stars (Excerpt)

Excerpt From Chapter One

Tristan opened the door to somewhere else. Aubreyan looked up at a portal to somewhere--darker, he thought. Very different. I don't want to go! He glanced at Shafara with such open regret, loss and longing that she must have felt it. Her ward wavered for a moment and then steadied again. Abby's fingers held tighter to his friend's shoulder as he and Tristan...stepped away toward a blackness lit by diamonds, a night sky without a world.


Brendan played for them in those last moments; sweet, soft music filled with subtle hopes and whispered longings. Tristan wanted to stay and listen. Gods, he didn't want to go again. And neither did Abby.
They could have turned back. They could have returned and stayed--but they would have to leave again, some day. Abby glanced back one last time to etch the place and the people in his mind....
But when he looked ahead, he saw even Tristan shivered at the blackness ahead of them. Empty places, lost places, where they had no right to go.
The Kiya dragged them forward, through a corridor of magic where time had no meaning, to places they could not name. The Janin hummed the tune Brendan had made for them.


Etric looked up as the small craft swept across the dull early-morning sky and dipped toward the private landing port behind the hill. Wes Ias had returned from his tour of the other fields. It wouldn't be long now.

Etric moved slowly away from the huts with the others following in a line down the narrow, well-worn trail. Bane had fixed his sandals last night, and at least he wouldn't cut his feet on the charred, hardened stubs of jungle growth. He'd have to find some way to thank the boy...

Though if what he planned worked, it might be thanks enough.

The foul air tasted of mingled jungle rot and the too-sweet fragrance of the midori field. The bright-green flowers bloomed in profusion above their pale white stems, each blossom worth a thousand credits when picked, processed and sold on the black market. The end-result drug slowed the metabolism and gave humans prolonged dreams so vivid that reality paled. Midori was the strongest hallucinogenic in the Empire, and being caught dealing in it landed the person a mandatory twenty years in prison.

Of course, dealing in slaves was even worse...