Philip Mann

My background is what you might call unremarkable. I simply observe a lot and remember quite a bit of it. As the late Yogi Berra said, you can observe a lot just by watching. At age sixty, I've watched quite a bit.

My own faith is Jewish, and I'm what you might call orthodox. Contrary to that title, that doesn't mean that I take things as always intended. Being a writer means I look at things and say…'now that's odd.’Whatever your faith, or even if you are faithfully an atheist, I hope you enjoy the book.

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The flat was on the third floor, near the tourist section of Montreal's old port section. In the heat of her passion, Vi’s colours were intensifying, becoming more vivid, shifting, dancing more quickly. Down on the street below, there was still the odd passer-by. Some saw the strange display and wondered what it was. Most just looked for a second or two, then kept on walking, thinking it was a movie being shown.

But some stared for too long, and even from the distance of some thirty feet, the glow had an effect. One person felt headaches for a few days. A second, who had a thesis in ancient languages to deliver to a panel in one day’s time, stunned the panel with her all-encompassing knowledge and new insight into the topic. A third spent a quiet day, then acting completely out of character, got into a bloody brawl with a group of bikers.

Philip Mann lives in the Outremont-Mile End district of Montreal. With its rich blend of Francophone Quebecois, students and ex-pats from the world over, he finds a never-ending source of entertainment and resources for his writings. His wife wishes he would just mind his own business.

Dark Muse is the author`s debut novel and begins the series of the same name.
Vi and Cal were getting used to married life, and Vi was looking forward to life as a normal woman, and not posing a danger to her husband`s sanity. But there were signs hinting that her past was not really passed. That painting that Lee had done of Vi, a souvenir of their last encounter, proved to be a reminder of all that she left behind, and even more. The newly born twins were a joy, especially Howie. Ruth was different, however. Very different.
She felt her own emotions now as if her spirit had been violated, placed onto hot coals. The intensity was like nothing she had ever felt. Just as Lee had warned, this was not a movie.

But she felt something else. She felt a sense of loss, as if a true friend had failed and was now left behind, as if somebody whose life could have been totally different even if it would be harsh. But he had now signed off on his own demise. He was now, finally and irretrievably out of options. Then the session ended.

Astrid was drained. Empty. She took a few minutes to compose herself. It was as promised. She had seen herself as the executioner, charged with seeing to the ending of a life. She slowly looked around the room and saw Lee off in a corner, facing the wall. Then she heard Lee speak, almost shout, in a harsh, ragged voice.

“Think you could do that? Do you think you could walk in my shoes? Do you?” Astrid was silent. They both were, for a long time.
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