October 2016Zep TepiBill ParkerBefore the time of man, according to the ancient legends, the gods walked the earth. The Egyptians had a name for this time. They called it ‘Zep Tepi’ -- the First Time. That time is where this story began. Five Moons: Zep Tepi picks up the story ten thousand years later…

It all started with an emergency call from a world at the farthest edges of explored space.

“You are our only hope,” they tell Dallas Blake and the crew of the Five Moons. A deadly virus will kill them all if the Five Moons doesn’t get the vaccine to them right away. But, like every other mission the Five Moons has taken on, this was but the tip of the iceberg. One thing was certain -- someone tried to kill these people.

But the Five Moons was the Nexus of Fates. It had chosen each member of the crew for a reason. Then it chose Star, but it wasn’t done with them yet. Its next choice would become a light, shining into the darkness.
October 2016The Fourth DocumentLee B. WoodsBoston businessman Lewis Lowellen just wanted to buy something for his wife, Georgia, something to help send them off on a long-awaited retirement aboard their million dollar sailboat: Destination, St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands. Needing a professional to help sail the yacht, Lewis hires a charter skipper and his girlfriend to share duties during the 1500-mile trip down the Atlantic. While waiting for Georgia to say her goodbyes, Lewis strolls into a pawn shop and pays $65 for a strange document simply because he thinks Georgia will like its “old world charm.” What he doesn’t know is that the document is an original Magna Carta—valued at $21 million—and then stolen from the U.S. National Archives by a sociopath and a silent-alarm wizard, neither of whom can figure out how the Boston man ended up with the manuscript. Life aboard the sailboat is fun for a while, but when the thieves look to their employer in Bermuda to help them find the boat, life becomes a rough and not-so-ready pursuit that ends on a dark night in a Caribbean airport. September 2016ShadowvaleVanessa IsittInspired by a real life loss of inheritance, Shadowvale explores the life of an unwanted bastard son who ultimately finds his true legacy in the love and loyalty of his friends. September 2016WitcheryFred WaissA werebear has killed two people and Teyla leaves in pursuit. Her mother, Mirra, has known for years that Teyla’s father, Kaar, is imprisoned by Maalak. With Teyla gone, she goes to free Kaar or die in the attempt. The two helped defeat Maalak years ago in his bid to conquer the city-state of Kessia. He has prepared to try again, confident he will be victorious.

Teyla’s quest is side-tracked by Argus Cord on a mission to find white witches to aid Kessia in the upcoming struggle. The two become lovers and Teyla agrees to help in the battle against Maalak. But she discovers that her father is Maalak’s prisoner. She must attempt rescue, but she cannot protect Argus and herself. Kaar escapes with Mirra’s help, and the two join the forces of Kessia.

As the armies clash outside the southern wall of Dark Home in a battle of magic and steel, Teyla arrives at Dark Home. Maalak discovers her presence and she finds herself face-to-face with the most fearful master of dark magic that has ever been.
September 2016Crazy LuckyClayton J. CallahanAll Liddy wanted was her space ship back…was that too much to ask?

She had the money (well most of it anyway) to buy it back at a customs auction. But wouldn’t you know it, some jerk in a black jacket wanted the Sundancer too and the bidding went to high heaven. Thanks, Jack! Now the two ex-cons each own half of a one-man ship, and neither Liddy nor Jack think that’s going to work out in the long run.
September 2016Five Moons - RevolutionBill ParkerMy own people, Anoza not humans, came in the night to kill me, to kill my unborn child, to finish an ancient evil. Only Dallas Blake, wounded and bleeding, stood against them, but he did. It was all that we could do to just fight for our very lives, but that was not the end of it. The evil ones had kidnaped my father.

How much worse could this get? To rescue my father, the Five Moons would be pitted against unknown forces with technology a million years more advanced. A whole Merc rebellion was coming to a boil out beyond the Seven Pillars, right where the Five Moons needed to go. It was led by Dallas’ arch nemesis, Sarsen Tabbot. And then we would have to cross the Great Rift into unknown Anoza space.

But the Five Moons is more than just a starship. It is the Nexus of Fates. It chose each one of us for a reason. Its last choice could blow this whole thing wide open.

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September 2016

We all know their stories: Merlin, his prince Arthur and their eternal enemy, Mordred. Or maybe we don’t. Arthur Rex reimages their legends as a story that leaps across time, over continents and deep into outer space for an ultimate confrontation which will decide the fate, for good or evil, of all humankind.

The novel begins as aging Merlin, all too human, sneaks away from his the iron-age hilltop fort of Camelot in search of an enchanted cathedral where his youth can be restored. But the place he seeks has been created as deadly trap by his fellow magus and blood enemy, Mordred, who knows perfectly well of Merlin’s vanity. Merlin, imprisoned beneath the cathedral, eventually manages to escape. But while Merlin is captured Mordred’s army destroys Camelot and kills Arthur. Merlin, with the help of two bumbling survivors, concocts his own trap, destroys Mordred’s army and captures Mordred. But what to do with a creature of implacable evil? Merlin is determined to end the cycle of their endless war. He immobilizes Mordred with a special curse and, in the greatest secrecy, sails alone to the fifth century AD American continent. Merlin entombs Mordred deep in the wilderness and remains on there, confident that he spared the future world from an unrelenting evil.

A thousand years pass. The wilderness continent becomes the crowded, shiny 21st century United States. One spring day an industrial accident releases Mordred from his tomb. His powers return in the open air. Mordred immediately enlist an extraterrestrial army and creates chaos in the modern landscape. Merlin, long retired, marshals his forces for a new war. He discovers his 21st century American Arthur. Together they fight an ancient enemy. But the new Arthur is untrained. Mordred and his army escape to their next goal, a place even more important than the earth, an Eden-like planet at the center of the Milky Way. The planet is guarded by bumbling warriors who, for the first time in many generations, must fight to protect their home and the secrets concealed in its mountains. There Merlin and Arthur prepare to fight. What Arthur discovers in the high country violently changes everything about their ultimate battle. Their final conflict takes place on a battlefield so distant that Arthur is sure that he will never return from it. But he fights anyway. His life and Merlin’s are at stake, along with the lives of all people on earth.

Arthur Rex draws on many different sources, including, among others, Beowulf, world creation myths, Mallory, Tolkien, H.G. Wells, and even Pratchett to remake an ancient lay for a 21st century audience.

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September 2016

On the Caribbean island of St. Marcelline, the date is July 16, 1816. Gaspard Fouche murders his wife and her male friend but, after a paperwork mix-up, Fouche is not charged with a double murder but with a misdemeanor and ordered to serve a mere 30 days. Gaspard thinks he is just lucky, but the luck turns dark when his low-life cellmate recognizes him as a murderer. Realizing that the cellmate might give him away, Gaspard murders the cellmate then finds a way to unlock the door of his cell just as the island’s volcano begins to erupt.

Aboard the luxury sailboat, “Fallstreak,” the date is also July 16, but the year is 2016. Vacationing charter Captain Jeff Tristy and Carrie Swain, his cook and budding romance, see a plume of dark smoke on the horizon and decide to investigate. Carrie thinks it’s an island, but Jeff knows there are no islands anywhere near their position. What he does not know, however, is that there used to be. In 1816, a volcano on the island erupted with such force the island split apart and sank to the bottom. Now, a spiritual force brings back Gaspard Fouche’s day in court, July 16, 1816, for an extraordinary reason: justice unrequited.

Caribbean islands have been shrouded with whispered stories of witchcraft cults and supernatural lore, sometimes calling upon spirits to punish criminals who have somehow escaped the clutches of the criminal justice system. The captain and Fouche, who meet on the island, come to blows when Fouche believes Carrie is his wife reincarnated and tries to execute her with a guillotine. As the island’s only volcano erupts again, splitting the island apart, Jeff rescues Carrie, subdues Fouche and throws him back into the same cell he escaped from earlier. Unable to open the door a second time, Fouche is consumed by a slithering stream of deadly lava intent on righting an aged wrong. Still curious about an island that seems to have no beginning, Carrie watches as the island begins its final journey to the bottom of the Caribbean Sea.

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